Monday, 4 April 2016

Seat Choice and that Pink Dot

The aaBridge Seat Choice settings (on the right.)

The Seat Choice options control the visibility and position of the displayed hands as you Flow through a hand.

In particular they are most powerful when you are inside a deal having pressed the Enter the Deal button.

Most of the settings only apply in when you are inside a deal.  An exception is the settings at then end, all shown as red.

These let you change the visibility and rotation even when you are playing a tutorial.

This way you can choose see more, or less, than that the author of the tutorial intended.

What is the Pink Dot all about ?

The pink dot is there to remind you that the  Apply Defaults button will put everything, all the seat rotations and seat visibility "back to normal".

If you hover the cursor over it (the real pink dot) more information will be shown to you.

You cannot click the Apply Defaults button too much.

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