Saturday, 12 December 2015

How do I - Get aaBridge hands up to BBO

A pdf file is provided so you do not need to re-visit this blog post.

The link will either download the pdf file or display it depending on your browser settings.  It is is shown to you can can choose to save it from the inside that viewer app.

The pdf file contains clear images and gives a full account including how to convert a deal on paper into a lin file that can be easily uploaded to BBO.

The ultra short version is
         First login to BBO, go to Hands and Results and create a folder.
My BBO > Hands and Results > (blue button) Create new folder
Click the (blue button) Import LIN file (a dialog will appear)
Click the Select button for the folder you want to fill.
Click the (white) Choose file button and select the .lin where ever it is on your computer. (not shown)

Click import (purple dots)

To add hands that are not in a lin file see the post

         How do I - Enter (Type) Hands into aaBridge

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