Monday, 2 November 2015

How do I - get a BBO hand into aaBridge

There are three ways to get a hand from BBO to aaBridge   (labeled   A, B, C)

A.   The hand is under "Hand Records"

You recently played a hand on BBO (or watched one being played) and now you want to get that deal and see it in aaBridge.      Go to:

and if needed, login to BBO.
On the next screen select the name of the user who played the hand and select the dates between which it was played.

Here the BBO username entered is that of Bridge Teacher Hondo717.

Click the   Get hands   button  (not shown)

You will now see a table of played hands, like the example below.

Click on the   Lin   link
            for the hand you want.
That lin file will now be downloaded, as your browser normally downloads files.

The left image shows Chrome.

Windows users can click on the file name.
Also Win, MAC and Linux users can all click on the drop down box and then click on Show in folder.

In the now opened folder you can  Drag and Drop  the file you want on to any open aaBridge window.

or  Drag & Drop the  lin link  on to  aaBridge

Also with many Browsers (but not IE) you can Grab the lin link and Drag and Drop it on to any open aaBridge window.

aaBridge will then download that lin file and show it to you.

B.   The hand is still in "My Results"

You are playing or watching on BBO and the hand finishes and you can see the deal in the My Results area (bottom right).

Here is how to get that hand quickly into aaBridge.

1.  click the  Options  button

2.  hover over   Export deal

3.  click on   Handviewer link
Once the  Handviewer link  box is showing (takes a couple of seconds).

Select the full line of the URL text (shown in progress here).

Do   Ctrl-C   or  use your mouse button (menu) to do a  Copy  in the normal way.

Now in the  green baize   near the   Step and Flow   buttons.

Do a  Mouse Right Click.

You can think of this right click as an  aaBridge   Quick  Paste.

That deal will now open.

On some laptops a light   "two finger tap"   gesture will do a "Right Click".

under File there is a Paste option

Note     You can save the link, in a text file, for later use.   Later you can use a more normal Drag & Drop  to drop that text into aaBridge.

C.   You have saved the Hand on BBO

You already have the hand on BBO either by uploading it as lin file  or  by using the BBO hand editor to make it  or  by saving it directly to BBO from "My Results" as in
  Options   >   Export Deal   >   Save deal as ...

Now you want to download that deal into aaBridge.

  My BBO   >   Hands and Results

click the (blue) "Show"  button for the BBO folder that holds the deal you want to get into aaBridge.

Select the actual deal from the deals in that folder and then Click the  Options button.  Now you can follow the instructions given in  section   B.  above.


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