Friday, 25 October 2013

Watch a Closed Torunament on BBO - How to

The EBU have started running tournaments on BBO. They are not allowing any one to watch (kibitz).  But you can still see the tournament and watch the play of the cards the moment the event finishes.  Any BBO tournament can be viewed this way.

The solution is in two parts -
   1.  -  Find the 'lin' files of hands you want to watch.
   2.  -  Watch them on a good lin file viewer.

Part 2.  is covered by some the posts of the series titled Counting the Hand.
Part 1.  is below -

Finding the lin files of your tournament

The quick way is to google  -  BBO hands  -  or one step longer, is to go to the home page of BBO and click the Hand Records item in the top bar.

then - click on

Click here for results of recent tournaments

Next you will see the list of organizations that run tournaments. As this post was inspired by the new EBU tournaments, click on the EBU link showing in the first column, ringed.

This opens the current list of recent tournaments. Currently they go back about a week.
I picked the oldest in the list. Played on - Sun Oct 20 4:00 PM. Here you have a choice.  Assuming that you want to view the better players click the Leaderboard entry, as marked above.  This open a window on the same browser page -

 The winners of the event were  Red Ace7  and  VMO60.  To watch their play click their percentage score. This opens the table of boards they played showing their scores.
Success - this is the list of lin files that we wanted to find.

See  Counting the Hand for all the details as to your choices.

If you have installed the Opera Browser and you have set it to automatically run aaBridge for lin files.  The with just one click it will download the lin file and show you the deal exactly as you want to see it.

On board 4 the winners got 65.38% playing in 4H.  In Opera I did a single click on the Lin, circled above, it downloaded the file and opened aaBridge to show -

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