Friday, 27 September 2013

Acol Club on BBO - How to find it

We all know BBO is a top online Bridge site.  So you go there and log in or use the 'Look around our site' button.

Click   -   List all tables

Click   - 

All public and Private Clubs


Click  - 

The Acol Bridge Club  (public)
Once there you can click on  Full Tables numbered 1 and on Kibitzers numbered 2. Then click Join on a table with a few kibitzers to watch the play.

Having Lots of Kibbers can mean the play is more interesting.

Have a look under Option (top center) - More Options, for - you guessed it - interesting options.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Standard American 21 - Book Review

First published in 2004, with the second edition in 2006 this book is aimed clearly at ageing American bridge players who see themselves as descendants of the Goren way of bridge.  It also titles itself as a book for rubber bridge players but in truth only one chapter out of the 14 was given over to rubber bridge and that was well worth the read.

I bought the book because, coming from the Acol world, I wanted insight into five card majors.  This book precisely hit the spot.  It's a great summary of the background cloud of bridge assumptions that American bridge players have all grown up with.  With larger than average print the book documents these assumptions precisely and clearly.  This bidding culture has also updated for the 21st century, insisting that weak twos, Stayman and transfers are all basic, must have's, even for rubber bridge players.

Recommended - except if you're a good player who already knows Standard American, because in that case you don't need it.